About Us

Genesis Distribution was founded with the motto of ‘New Beginnings’. The idea is centralised around the concept of a fresh approach or NEW BEGINNINGS to the sales and distribution business within Northern Ireland with a firm eye on the agricultural market place.

Genesis Distribution was founded by Stephen Lewis who although young ‘by the game standards’ brings a wealth of knowledge accrued by working for one of Northern Ireland’s largest farm machinery retailers. Here Stephen ‘cut his teeth’ and learned the inner workings of the industry before realising the opportunity of establishing his own business.

Genesis Distribution believes in the analogy of ‘small acorns grow big trees’! In business terms this can be interpreted as sustainable growth of the business built on a strong and lasting relationship with customers. With a strong emphasis on repeat business and customer retention. Genesis Distribution believes it can expand and take on the challenges of an undulating market place. The company can achieve this by it’s flexible approach to business and by trying our best to tailor the products we supply to both the customers’ practical and financial needs. Unlike many of our competitors out there who have this on their website then totally ignore it when they are faced with a customer, Genesis Distribution lives up to it’s promises! NEW BEGINNINGS in sales and distribution techniques!

Genesis Distribution does not believe in the concept of suppliers and customers, we believe in partnerships in business and aim to be the catalyst that brings people and companies together so that we can invest in each other through the supply and maintenance of quality products. As a working partnerships develops, trust builds, which Genesis Distribution believes is the key to customer retention.

Stephen and the team at Genesis Distribution look forward to meeting you and investing in yet another partner business.