Genesis Bedding

Genesis Bedding has been exclusively supplying Arden Wood Shavings Agrisorb Sawdust for a number of years with them and enjoy and excellent working relationship.


Arden has 40 years’ experience of supplying woodshavings and sawdust bedding for many animals including Poultry, Equestrian and Dairy. Arden is now one of the largest animal bedding suppliers in the country and is a leading example of excellence in the industry.

Arden’s people make the difference between it and its competitors. Our people have built up a wealth of knowledge about the challenges facing those who keep and farm animals adhering to the strict principles and ethical standards that set Arden apart from the rest.

Arden is renowned for quality, reliability and integrity.

Sawdust is supplied in 22KG bales with 36 bales per pallet. It can be collected at our premises, delivered in small quantities or we can also deliver in half lorry or full lorry loads.

Arden is approved by the Organic Soil Association and has an ISO 9001 Certificate guaranteeing the quality of the products.

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